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MRRC Newsletter: Volume 11 Issue 1 - February 2010

Director's Corner by John Laitner
This newsletter features an interview with researchers Robert Pollak and Janice Compton on their 2009 MRRC project, “Geographical Proximity and Intergenerational Transfers.”

Q&A: Proximity and Coresidence Among American Families
The University of Michigan Retirement Research Center interviewed researchers Robert Pollak and Janice Compton to discuss the findings from their 2009 Working Paper, titled “Proximity and Coresidence of Adult Children and their Parents: Description and Correlates."

Chubby Checker and Commissioner Astrue Announce New “Twist” in the Law
Change makes it easier to save on prescription drug costs

Income, Material Hardship, and the Use of Public Programs among the Elderly by Helen Levy
Social Security has enjoyed great success at reducing poverty and promoting independence among the elderly. Indeed, the current official Census Bureau estimate of the poverty rate among the elderly is 9.7 percent, lower than for children or for working-age adults.

MRRC Researchers in the News
A few examples of MRRC researchers who were quoted in the media...

SSA Bulletin Covers History of the Retirement Research Consortium
Paul S. Davies and T. Lynn Fisher of the Social Security Administration published an article about the Retirement Research Consortium ...

Hold the Date! Annual RRC Conference: August 5–6
MRRC is hosting the annual RRC conference August 5–6, 2010...