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MRRC Newsletter: Volume 17, Issue 1 - March 2017

Director’s corner
This Newsletter features Key Findings from a number of the 2016 research projects that the MRRC carried out, as well as a brief summary of the “Financial Security Research Symposium” that the MRRC coordinated in September 2016, with the Social Security Administration and the Department of the Treasury.

Key findings from 2016 projects touch on work transitions and more
The working papers for 2015’s research projects continue to hit MRRC’s website. Key findings for our published papers follow.

Symposium offers new directions for research
On September 7, 2016, The Michigan Retirement Research Center, with support from the United States Social Security Administration and the U.S. Department of the Treasury, coordinated a one-day “Financial Security Research Symposium.” The day featured 21 presenters from government, academia, and nonprofit organizations sharing findings on Americans’ financial well-being and identifying gaps in current knowledge and data.

MRRC researcher news
Publication and media notices for MRRC-funded work.