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Economic Conditions and SSI Applications
Austin Nichols, Lucie Schmidt and Purvi Sevak

Understanding Participation in SSI
Kathleen McGarry and Robert F. Schoeni

Liquidity Constraints, the Extended Family, and Consumption
HwaJung Choi, Kathleen McGarry and Robert F. Schoeni

Rejection from the Disability Insurance Program and Dependency on Social Support
Susan Chen

Does Protecting Older Workers from Discrimination Make It Harder to Get Hired? Revised with Additional Analysis of SIPP Data and Appendix of Disability Laws
David Neumark, Joanne Song and Patrick Button

Will They Take the Money and Work? An Empirical Analysis of People’s Willingness to Delay Claiming Social Security Benefits for a Lump Sum
Raimond H. Maurer, Olivia S. Mitchell, Ralph Rogalla and Tatjana Schimetschek

Is the 2010 Affordable Care Act Minimum Standard to Identify Disability in All National Datasets Good Enough for Policy Purposes?
Richard V. Burkhauser, T. Lynn Fisher, Andrew J. Houtenville and Jennifer R. Tennant

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Register for 2015 RRC Meeting

Join MRRC and its fellow retirement research centers for the 17th Annual RRC Meeting. The event takes place at the Washington, D.C., Press Club, August 6 & 7. Researchers will present work on topics such as retirement incentives, asset accumulation, health, immigration, employment and retirement, and more.

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MRRC's Spring 2015 Newsletter is now online

MRRC has released the Spring 2015 newsletter. This issue includes:

· MRRC's 2015 April Workshop;

· Section 508 and its place in the research community;

· SSA's Annual Statistical Supplement.

To read the newsletter, visit http://mrrc.isr.umich.edu/publications/newsletters/newsletter_item.cfm?NewsletterID=1026.


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