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Researcher Detail

Robert F. Schoeni
Research Professor of Economics, Public Policy
University of Michigan

Robert Schoeni is a Research Associate Professor at the Institute for Social Research and Associate Professor of Economics and Public Policy, University of Michigan. His work focuses on the family, labor economics, and demography. His research topics include analyses of living arrangements, intergenerational familial transfers, welfare reform, workers’ compensation, immigration, and displaced workers. Dr. Schoeni recently moved to the University of Michigan from RAND. Dr. Schoeni worked as Senior Economist at the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) in the Executive Office of the President. At CEA he was responsible for advising the Clinton Administration on Social Security and Medicare reform, among other topics. Schoeni has conducted several studies of familial support networks among the elderly. He has studied changes in living arrangements in the 1900s (Schoeni, 1998; McGarry and Schoeni, 2000), as well as contemporary variation in familial assistance (money and time help) among the elderly (McGarry and Schoeni, 1995; McGarry and Schoeni, 1997). His most recent work examines the effects of government policies and the changing demographic aspects of the family on nursing home use among the elderly. Dr. Schoeni has also recently begun to re-assess the decline in disability among the elderly, examining the robustness of the current findings and attempting to determine the causes of the observed declines (Schoeni, Freedman, and Wallace, 2000).

Associated Research Projects
UM14-08:  Understanding Participation in SSI.
UM14-04:  Do Extended Family Linkages Reduce Retirement Wealth and Consumption?
UM03-08:  Changes in Income, Wealth, or Medical Expenses? A New Look at the Causes of Poverty Among Widows
UM02-08:  Understanding Poverty Among Elderly Divorced Women