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David Stapleton

Trends in the Composition and Outcomes of Young Social Security Disability Awardees
by Yonatan Ben-Shalom and David Stapleton
WP 2013-284, June 2013
View: Abstract  • Download: Research Briefs (PDF)
Vocational Rehabilitation on the Road to Social Security Disability: Longitudinal Statistics from Matched Administrative Data
by David Stapleton and Frank H. Martin
WP 2012-269, September 2012
View: Abstract  • Download: Research Briefs (PDF)
Protecting the Household Incomes of Older Workers with Significant Health-Related Work Limitations in an Era of Fiscal Responsibility
by Jody Schimmel Hyde and David Stapleton
WP 2010-244, December 2010
View: Abstract  • Download: Research Briefs (PDF)
How Common is "Parking" Among Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Beneficiaries? Evidence from the 1999 Change in the Level of Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA)
by Jody Schimmel Hyde, David Stapleton and Jae Song
WP 2009-220, October 2010
View: Abstract  • Download: Research Briefs (PDF)